22mm Turnbuckle Upgrade SKU: 01221


22mm Turnbuckle Upgrade

SKU: 01221

Tech note for Heli Turnbuckels : All 22-56-72 and 87 mm length are 2mm diameter.

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Originally made for T-Rex 700N but may work on other T-Rex Helicopters. Shaft Diameter is 2.0mm

Tech note for Heli Turnbuckels : All 22-56-72 and 87 mm length are 2mm diameter.

Da Vinci T-Rex 700N Flybar Cage Turnbuckle Control Rods 2.2mm – 22mm (2pc)

These special turnbuckle control rods allow extremely precise adjustments in the setup of your helicopter. When using turnbuckles, there is no longer any limit to how finely you can adjust the length of your control rods! No more half-turns, no more popping the links on backwards.

Another handy benefit of turnbuckles is that you do not need to pop the links off of your helicopter to adjust them. You can adjust them while they’re still attached by simply using the turnbuckle adjustment wrench!

– Made from very sturdy 2.2mm stainless steel. Replaces weaker stock T-Rex 1.9mm stainless steel rods. Threading diameter is 100% identical to stock T-Rex threads, so they are a perfect (stronger) replacement.
– Left hand (reverse) thread end of the control rod is marked by a small indent.
– The same indent that denotes the reverse thread can also be used as a reference to keep track of adjustments.

– 2 pieces of 22mm control rods. These are the rods used on the T-Rex 700 Nitro helicopter for the flybar cage joints.

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