“ADM NTX” Automatic Decapping Machine


Refund Policy: Returns are eligible for only 30 days from the delivery date against manufacturing defects and/or material or parts. All ADM machine returns must be authorized by us first. Any refund is subject to machine inspection after we receive it, and there will be a restocking fee of 20% of the purchase price. PLEASE read the warranty on the manual download.

The machine must be shipped in original packaging with all the parts, and the two black support legs removed. Otherwise, it will be more complicated to package and has a higher chance of being damaged during shipment.

The customer is responsible for shipment and handling back to our facilities. If the box arrives in bad condition ( like broken or partially opened, etc.), we will take pictures and inform the customer, and we will proceed with machine inspection before proceeding with the refund. We strongly recommend shipping with insurance.

Contact us if you would like to add shipping insurance or signature required, and this will be invoiced separately.

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The ADM NTX model differs from standard ADM machine for the more powerful electric Gearmotor in order to decap even NON TOX cartridge cases with the same decapping pin 1.7 mm, and for superior speed.

Non-TOX is the new “ Green Tendency.” Some European manufacturers started making cases with a smaller flash hole, and the 1.7mm can get stuck. The new machine can overcome that problem.

NON-TOX Brass has a flash hole smaller than the usual minimum diameter. This machine will overcome the problem of occasional brass in this condition. If you plan to process a larger quantity of smaller flash hole brass like the NORMA 9mm that is circulating around, it is recommended to order the COMPOUND DECAPING ROD KIT in 1.3mm (1.3 mm pins will not work in 1.7 caps and vice-versa).

It is also excellent for military cartridge cases with primer pocket crimp.

This machine has a different electronic boards software respect the standard ADM


The company TECHNIQUE ENGINEERING/Davinci Machining warranties the ADM machine (Automatic Decapping Machine) for a period of 12 months for commercial users, and 24 months for private customers.
1) The warranty starts from the date of purchase, as shown on the invoice at the time of delivery of the machine.
2) TECHNIQUE ENGINEERING will repair or replace free of charge any parts that have manufacturing defects within
the warranty period; the warranty does not include any form of compensation for damages resulting from
direct or indirect to any person or property.
3) Defects not clearly attributable to the material or workmanship will be examined at the Center for Technical
Assistance. If the defect is unjustified, all costs of repair and/or replacement of all parts will be charged to the
4) The certificate of guarantee and the invoice must be presented to the technical staff performing the repair, and
a copy must accompany the equipment sent for repair.
5) The extension of the warranty due to a technical intervention on the equipment is excluded.
6) The customer can return the equipment or parts thereof, taking care of the packing and shipping, freight
prepaid (with transportation charges paid by the sender) during the period of validity of the guarantee only
after receiving written authorization from the TECHNIQUE ENGINEERING.
7) Damage arising from transport, neglect, improper handling, improper use of the warnings contained in this
manual, or all those phenomena not caused by normal operation or use of equipment and materials subject to
normal wear are excluded from this warranty.
8) The warranty is void if the equipment has been repaired by an unauthorized third party, or if they are used in
equipment or accessories not supplied, recommended, or approved by the company TECHNIQUE ENGINEERING.
9) TECHNIQUE ENGINEERING accepts no liability for any damage to persons or property resulting from misuse or
faulty use of the equipment.
10) Any equipment malfunction due to the use of products not recommended by TECHNIQUE ENGINEERING, will
void the warranty, as well as the charge to the customer for recovery of the costs thereof.

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“ADM NTX” Automatic Decapping Machine, “ADM NTX” Machine with Replacement pins, “ADM NTX” Machine with Flared Bushing Adapter with 3' hose