Our Competition Shooting Team

Davinci Machining is an active sponsor, participant, and supporter of competition shooting events. We use our expertise in manufacturing precision metal parts to develop firearm parts and accessories for high-level competitors.

If you see the Davinci Machining booth at a match this year, come stop by and check out our PCCs. We’d love to show you what makes Davinci the best and let you demo our guns. If you see a team shooter at a match, ask them about their Davinci Machining PCC, and if you’d like to shoot it, any one of them would be more than happy to let you try it out!

Meet the Davinci Shooting Team Members

Corey Scheel - Davinci Shooting team

Corey Scheel

Orangeville, OH

Shooting Disciplines:
USPSA, 3 Gun

Corey is the inventor of the patented Scheel MFG Roller-Delayed Buffer system. His buffer system was designed to solve many of the issues present in the world of Direct Blowback Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) firearms. His adjustable lockup allows a lower reciprocating mass as well as lower recoil spring pressures to reduce the “dot bounce” effect that can occur with heavy mass and heavy spring pressures that hinder even the best blowback PCC setups. The Scheel Buffer System is available as an upgrade in the Davinci Shop.

Jason Clark - Davinci Shooting team

Jason Clark

Atlanta, GA

Shooting Disciplines:

Jason Clark is a marketing professional and PCC Grand Master from the Atlanta, Georgia, area. After playing tournament paintball off and on for nearly 20 years, he was looking for that next great competitive venture. Competitive shooting was the logical progression when introduced to shooting only in 2010. With the addition of PCC to USPSA in 2017, he immediately found a passion for the division, and it has been his primary shooting discipline ever since. A tinkerer at heart, he’s always built his own rifles with parts meticulously selected for their performance. The Davinci DG9 is the first out-of-the-box solution that ticks all the boxes of what a top-level PCC competitor is looking for, so joining Team Davinci was a perfect match.

Kenzie Fitzpatrick -Davinci Shooting team

Kenzie Fitzpatrick

Knoxville, TN

Shooting Disciplines:
USPSA, 3 Gun, 2 Gun, Steel Challenge

Kenzie is the owner of Reticle Up Marketing, an agency that provides marketing services to small to medium-sized businesses in the outdoors industry. She also is the Host of the Reticle Up Podcast, where she interviews competitive shooters in different shooting disciplines, entrepreneurs, hunters, and more. She is a published writer in the firearms industry and writes for publications like Athlon Outdoors, Front Sight Magazine, AmericanFirearms.org, and more. She is also a firearms instructor, teaching both TN and FL handgun carry permits, intro to pistol courses, and hosts annual Gals Day events for women to come out and shoot unlimited ammunition through pistols, rifles, PCCs, and shotguns.

Craig McElhaney -Davinci Shooting team

Craig McElhaney

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Shooting Disciplines:

Craig has been a Firefighter/Paramedic for 28 years. He was initially attracted to USPSA because of his assignment to the SWAT team as a medic. He thought he would increase his skill with the PCC/AR platform and have fun at the same time. The skills he’s learned in competitive shooting have helped him in his SWAT role.

Christina Baker - Davinci Shooting team

Christina Baker

Miami, FL

Shooting Disciplines:

Christina Baker is an Emergency Room travel nurse and attended her first IDPA match on assignment in Iowa in 2015. Since then, Christina has fallen in love with USPSA and attends (and ROs) major matches in various locations across the country. Christina was shooting Production before moving to the new, and to her surprise, very challenging division of PCC. PCC division allows shooters to play the game of USPSA without distractions…it’s all about the run & gun! Christina is also a passionate gun rights advocate as a delegate with the DC Project. If Christina isn’t at the range, you can find her in the water free diving or on the mat doing yoga.

Mason Zier - Davinci Shooting team

Mason Zier

Billings, MT

Shooting Disciplines:

Mason is one of our newer team members. He enjoys shooting every match in his local Greater Yellowstone section and any major matches he can schedule. When he’s not at the range, he enjoys being outdoors with family, camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing.

Darren Schneider - Davinci Shooting team

Darren Schneider

Orlando, FL

Shooting Disciplines:
IPSC, USPSA, Action Steel

In 2008, a friend brought Darren to a local gun range just to have some fun shooting a few rounds. It just so happened that that night the range was having a small indoor competition which he attended. From that point forward, he was hooked on competitive shooting. He started in USPSA Production division for 2 years, then moved to Open division from 2010 to 2018. Wanting a different experience, he moved to PCC in late 2018 and is currently focusing on PCC. PCC brings all the things he loves about shooting into one challenging format. From day one in PCC, he has shot a Davinci DG9 and is looking forward to being part of the Davinci team for years to come.

Larry Talbott - Davinci Shooting team

Larry Talbott

Richmond, VA

Shooting Disciplines:

Larry currently works for a state and federal government contractor and is currently a PCC Master. Larry spent several years pursuing his passions as a paramedic and pilot. He returned to USPSA after they added the PCC division and has not looked back. “I love shooting rifles,” said Larry. Larry has won several awards in PCC, including a national title in 2021 with a recent class win at the 2022 PA Sectional, and is looking forward to shooting with the rest of the Davinci team.

Aaron Sellers - Davinci Shooting team

Aaron Sellers

Washington, WV

Shooting Disciplines:

Aaron is a mullet-clad country boy who loves to sling lead and ain’t too bad at it. Aaron started shooting L10 when he first found out about USPSA and quickly switched to PCC after shooting a friend’s gun at a match. He quickly picked up the gun and grew in the division. Aaron is one of the nicest guys on the range or at a match, but don’t let that distract you, for he is also a naturally competitive person.

Gerald Sarmiento - Davinci Shooting team

Gerald Sarmiento

Skillman, NJ

Shooting Disciplines:

Gerald Sarmiento is one of the top Master Racquet Technicians in the world and has worked on the WTA and ATP tours for over 22 years. He has worked the Australian Open, US Open, Miami Open, and Connecticut Open and is currently the lead Stringer at the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI. Gerald is also a consultant and has helped develop a product line for Furi Sport. He also owns 2 tennis specialty stores in New Jersey. To add to his hectic schedule, he is also a High-Performance tennis coach at the Nassau Tennis Club in Skillman, NJ, and has developed over 50 sectionally and Nationally ranked players. As an accomplished tennis player, he has captained and played for teams that have placed 2nd in the country. Gerald got into shooting sports in 2018 as it was another avenue to get trigger time. His passion has become an obsession, and he has dedicated his free time to climbing the ladder of both IDPA and USPSA.

Bea Lê - Davinci Shooting team

Bea Lê

Hagerstown, MD

Shooting Disciplines:
USPSA, 2 Gun

Bea has been a seasoned Real Estate Broker in the DC-MD-VA jurisdictions for 26 years. She is also a chef, grew up in the business, and had her own restaurant in Rockville, MD. She just recently started a women-only shooting club at her local indoor range, The MD Arsenal Shooting Sisterhood. The club is for local women who share similar shooting interests, women who want to develop their shooting skills, and women who are willing to step up and help other local women feel more confident with a gun. Bea did not learn how to shoot a firearm until 2012 at the age of 47. She spent so much time at the local indoor range to practice that it got boring, and she wanted to do something more fun. She didn’t know there was such a practical shooting sport until she was invited to spectate a USPSA match at a local range in 2018. It was there that she got hooked. She went all in, and became RO certified within a year of shooting USPSA. She became an NRA Pistol Instructor and a Maryland State Police Qualified Firearm Instructor. She now volunteers to work major matches if she gets the chance. In 2021, her spouse built her a PCC, which was when she switched from Open to PCC. Besides shooting a local 2-gun match monthly, her focus now is 100% PCC.

Mike Sharrett - Davinci Shooting team

Mike Sharrett

Lynchburg, VA

Shooting Disciplines:

Professionally, Mike has been in the Financial Services industry since 2008. He enjoys smoking BBQ meats, is a High-Performance Driving Instructor, and loves his wife and two boys. Mike started USPSA in Limited in 2018 and won several Class championships at State Sectional matches before focusing primarily on PCC in mid-2020. He’s currently the reigning PCC A class VA, MD, and NC Sectional champion and finishes in the top 3 PCC A at all his Area 8 and Area 6 level 3 matches. Mike shoots PCC in a Short Barrel Rifle configuration for lighter weight and close-quarters maneuverability. Mike is a shooter who doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he loves making new friends at matches, so you’ll usually find him smiling when not shooting on the clock.

Jorge Soto - Davinci Shooting team

Jorge Soto

Largo, FL

Shooting Disciplines:
3 Gun, Action Shotgun, USPSA Open & PCC

As a former Armament Repairer in the US Army, Jorge has always been tinkering with all kinds of weaponry, from an M9 to an M1 Abrahams. Shortly after meeting David at the local club, Jorge quickly volunteered his knowledge of firearms and started helping David in his endeavors. Jorge has built hundreds of firearms, from ARs, open pistols, Box fed shotguns to PCC and everything in between.

David Ankeny - Davinci Shooting team

David Ankeny

Ft. Meade, MD

Shooting Disciplines:

David is a Marine Veteran serving eight years as a Marine Rifleman and Scout Sniper. While in the Marines, David was awarded the expert rifle badge six times and the pistol badge of Sharpshooter. David was also a marksmanship instructor on board Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and a Combat Water Survival Instructor. Upon leaving the Marine Corps, David started a career in Counterterrorism, doing Geospatial Intelligence and then strictly Counterterrorism operations with the US Government. In 2013, he found the sport of IDPA at his local club and began shooting matches regularly. At that time, he was also introduced to USPSA and began shooting primarily. In 2015, he started shooting 3-gun and 2-gun matches. In USPSA, David is A class in PCC and Production but now concentrates solely on PCC.

John Mark - Davinci Shooting team

John Mark

Tewksbury, NJ

Shooting Disciplines:
USPSA, IPSC, 2 Gun, 3 Gun

John met David and the DaVinci Team at the 2021 Aruba Ironman, a Level 3 IPSC match, where John placed 2d PCC Super Senior. He was so impressed by the DaVinci team that he immediately ordered a DG9 with the Scheel buffer system, side charger, and Hiperfire trigger. John also shoots Carry Optics, 2 Gun, and 3 Gun throughout the USA and globally. John is a Master Sig Sauer pistol instructor and a USPSA CRO. As a retired attorney with nearly 40 years of experience advising multi-billion dollar companies, boards, and senior management, and a cancer survivor, John and his wife Ronnie, who is also a competitive shooter, live wide by traveling, shooting, RO’ing major matches, and meeting great people.

Rosendo Domingo - Davinci Shooting team

Rosendo Domingo

Hagerstown, MD

Shooting Disciplines:

Rosendo Domingo was born in Manila, Philippines. He moved to the US in 1983 to attend college. He holds a Masters’s Degree in Civil Engineering and works as a foundation engineer for a private contractor in Washington, DC. His first USPSA experience was in 2018 when a friend convinced him to try it. He briefly dwelled in the Limited division and then moved on to shooting Carry Optics and Open, sometimes PCC, here and there. But recently got his own DaVinci DG9, and that was when he decided to focus on that division. Rosendo is a Class B in PCC, Open, and CO.

Ronnie Ellen Siegel - Davinci Shooting team

Ronnie Ellen Siegel

Tewksbury, NJ

Shooting Disciplines:
3 Gun, USPSA, IPSC, IDPA, Steel Challenge

Ronnie met David and the DaVinci Team at the 2021 Aruba Ironman, a level 3 IPSC match, where she placed High Lady and third Super Senior. The following year she placed High Lady as well. David recently built Ronnie a custom Left-Handed DG9 with the Scheel Buffer System, side charger, and Hiperfire Trigger. Ronnie is also a competitive shooter and shoots 3 Gun, USPSA, IDPA, and Steel Challenge, and enjoys shooting and RO’ing major matches and meeting great people. Ronnie is a Sig Sauer instructor, a Glock Armorer and an NRA Pistol Instructor, and a USPSA RO. As a retired High School Vice Principal of 38 years, Ronnie is now the founder and leader of the N.J. Chapter of A Girl and A Gun, the largest female shooting league in the country.

David Padovan - Davinci Shooting team

David Padovan

St. Petersburg, FL

Shooting Disciplines:

David initially started shooting IPSC overseas when USPSA was not created yet. He shot in Open class when it used to be with single-stack 1911s and Iron sights! When USPSA started here in the US, he began shooting Open, but after getting involved with creating a new PCC, he enjoyed shooting PCC and had fun! He still loves open and has been working on an Open model since Davinci made 2011 frames. His goal now is to go to matches with the team and have fun, whether shooting if he can or supporting them.