PDI™ RG – Trigger


    • Power Drop-In
    • 2 lb Pull
    • MIL-Grade Hammer Strike, No LPS, Ever
    • Titanium-Carbon-Nitride & H&M BLACKNITRIDE+™ Finishes
      • Exceptionally Smooth Feel
      • Enhanced Corrosion Protection
      • Polished Look
    • PCC Blowback Tough
      • Hammer Collision Bumper
      • Disconnector Crash Protection
      • Disconnector Spring Crush Protection
    • US Patents: 9052149, 9175917, 9696103, 10006733
    • Other US Patents Pending


    • Flat Trigger Bow with a Backbone™
    • HIPERSHOE® Finger Pad Revolution™
      • Changes the Trigger Lever Length for Fine Weight Adjustment
      • Changes the Trigger Lever Length to Further Adjust Pre-Travel
      • Position Your Finger in the Same Place Every Time
      • Reduces the Perception of Trigger Weight Still Further
    • EDT’s Standard Benefits

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