Automatic Decapping Machine “ADM”


Many shooters wash their cartridge cases without decapping them from beforehand.  This is not an ideal method, because it does not clean out the primer pockets, compromising the powder and primer eciency in the reloaded cartridge.

In order to decap the brass before washing and reloading it, Shooting Technology has developed the ADM or Automatic Decapping Machine (Patent Pending).

It is a fully automatic operation with all the necessary safety features in order to avoid malfunctions. With the ADM you can decap both pistol and rifle cases by the simple and quick change of bushings.

NOTE:  ADM machine is intended for personal reloaders and in-home use only. Any use from the original purpose of the product voids any warranty related. For industrial use, we have a bigger and stronger machine under prototyping and it will be available in 2022.

Download manual by clicking here.


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