Nickel Plated Davinci PCC Competition Bolt Carrier Group



We are finally offering our PCC Competition BCG to serious competitive shooters who want the best quality and performance BCG there is! This specific model is Nickel Plated! 

  • Compatible with Glock and Colt
  • 8620 Steel Material and heat-treated plus nickel plated
  • Modified (longer claw) M16-223-AR15 extractor (Standard one also will work)
  • Extractor is removable with an extended nose set screw (no more roll pins to punch)
  • Black Nitrite finish
  • Removable weight with a set screw
  • Compatible with Scheel, JP, and similar buffer systems
  • Left or Right side racker ready, but will work without them too
  • Anti-vibration and faster reset design
  • Ambi location for cotter pin depending if it has a side racker or not
  • Aluminum Key, so no problem for sheared or loose bolts and key
  • BCG is ready for ramped barrels
  • Redesigned and improved firing pin
  • Side racker is an add-on option, but BCG is already ready to accept a side racker

Additional information

Side Racker

Without Side Racker, With Side Racker