Scheel Manufacturing Roller-Delayed Buffer System Version 2.0


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The Scheel Manufacturing Roller-Delayed Buffer System was designed to solve many of the issues present in the world of Direct Blowback Pistol Caliber Carbine(PCC). Our Patent-pending adjustable lockup allows a lower reciprocating mass as well as lower recoil spring pressures to reduce the “dot bounce” effect that can occur with heavy mass and heavy spring pressures that hinder even the best blowback PCC setups. This “Lockup” keeps the action “locked” until the bullet is out of the barrel and chamber pressure is reduced, preventing powder blowback and fouling in the firearm’s action. Currently, blowback PCCs have a very narrow ammunition power-factor reliability window- they need to be set up for your specific ammo. Our RDBS runs great out-of-the-box with a wide variety of ammo from 115pf to 155pf and is tunable up or down from there.

Developed winter 2020 and spring 2021 We have over 20,000 rounds through our current setup with zero parts failures and over 30 Match wins.

Scheel Manufacturing Roller-Delayed Buffer System Includes:
1. Buffer Body- lockup rollers, arms and bumper installed.
2. Pocketed Buffer Tube- 6 position Mil-spec diameter tube w/ lockup roller pockets
3. Buffer Springs – 4 weak and 4 strong buffer body springs for complete adjustability. 1 spare of each
4. Recoil springs- 1 Lightweight Blue and 1 Extra Light White Recoil springs
5. Short-Stroke Bumper/Spring Keeper- Short stroke bumper prevents coil bind in the recoil spring.

-Lower Recoil
-Less “Dot Bounce”
-Faster Splits
-Quicker Follow-up Shots
-Lower Reciprocating Mass
-Reduced Fouling/Blowback in Receiver
-Complete Captured System -complete w buffer tube
-Upgrade any PCC- compatible with any 9mm, 40sw, 45acp AR15 that uses a standard buffer and buffer tube.