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Welcome To DaVinci Machining’s Online Store.  We are pleased that you have chosen to do business with us and look forward to future business with you!

Please allow 1-2 business days for us to process and pack your order and then ship it to you.

NOTICE: Beware when purchasing a firearm, you will be required to ship it to a FFL. SHIP ONLY TO FFL or local transfer.

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R/C Items

Fully Assembled Guns:

Davinci Model DG-9 PCC – Entry Level
Davinci Model DG-9 PCC Competition Ready

Gun Parts:

Performance Outboard Parts & Race:

  • Mid-Section
    • MAD EFI 16″ Mid:  (SOON)
      • OMC V-6 to OMC Lower unit. ( model A )
      • OMC V-6 to Mercury 2.5 Lower unit (model B)
    • MAD EFI 16″ Dedicated Mercury 300 to Mercury 2.5 Lower unit  (SOON)
    • MAD EFI 300 Mercury Tuner:  (SOON)
      • No Cuts
      • Pre Cuts

Mid-section come with Steel Bracket included.

    • 2-B MAD EFI 12 Inches Shorty mid-Section: OMC Powerhead to OMC Lower Unit ( Version A ) OMC Powerhead to Mercury Lower Unit ( 2.5 ) (SOON)
    • 2-C MERCURY 300 Tuner (SOON)