Davinci Diesel Slant Ported PCC Compensator


Designed for the competitive shooter in mind. This compensator feels completely different that anyone in the market and shooter can feel a flatter dot with shorter splits and closer double shots on the target.

They came already with pin hole in case you running a barrel shorter than 16 inches, kit included crush washer and two different thickness shims for proper clocking.

We offer pin-weld services if needed, just contact. Us.

We have 3 model available:

7075 Aluminum and black hard Coated.

Stainless Steel, for longevity , weigth on tip and easy to clean.

Titanium: The best of two worlds, lighter like the aluminum and resistant like the SS.

Standard thread is 1/2x 28.     ½ x 36 limited availability.

Other sizes by order.


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Titanium, Aluminum, Stainless


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